Israeli-born Dalia Artzi, a tactical genius and specialist at Princeton in the study of maneuver warfare, uncovers a fiendish plot by a small group of Israeli fanatics to commit a horrific crime against the United States government and pin the blame on Iran.

At first, Dalia, a pacifist, is hesitant to get involved. But, strong in her Jewish faith, she believes that the goal of her religion is not to crush one's enemies but to practice tikkun olam, to repair the world. Soon Dalia has little choice but to act quickly and do what she must to prevent the unspeakable.

Meanwhile, Jana, a beautiful but deadly Israeli operative taking orders from the conspiring fanatics, is determined to deftly fulfill the deadly mission entrusted to her. Once the plot has been carried out, Jana and the commanders of her mission believe that Israel's enemies will meet with total destruction when the world's most powerful nation retaliates. Jana is firm in her conviction that she is on the side of right and believes the ends will justify the means, however violent.

Centered on a fascinating and original Israeli heroine and antiheroine, False Flag probes some of the most important political and moral conflicts of our times.



A compelling thriller awash in the ambiguity of international politics.



Altmanís captivating thriller masterfully examines morality in a time of upheaval Ö (he) joins the ranks of Vince Flynn and David Baldacci with his engrossing and contemplative spy thriller.

—Foreword Reviews Magazine


Chillingly prescient and masterfully structured.

—Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author


With complex characters possessed of hard edges, this intelligent and delectable story is sophisticated, razor-sharp, and definitely one for your keeper shelf.

—Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author


A thriller of thrillers … a classic among spy novels.

—Mysterious Book Report


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