A nineteen-year-old runaway goes head-to-head with the Kremlin and a seasoned CIA operative in a thrilling tale of international intrigue and revenge.

Having completed her mission to silence an agency defector, CIA operative Cassie Bradbury finds herself cut adrift in Moscow with no documents, no tickets and no identification. Hot on her trail are the Kremlin, the Russian Mafia – and Sean Ravensdale, the disgraced ex-CIA agent who has been sent to track her down.

Realizing that she has been set up and is now expendable, Cassie will need all her courage and resourcefulness to outwit her pursuers – and stay alive long enough to exact revenge on the man who recruited her, who trained her – who betrayed her.

Fast-paced, tense and breathlessly exciting, Disposable Asset is a contemporary spy thriller drawn from today’s headlines.



This canít-put-it-down spy thriller from Altman introduces the most deadly and proficient young woman warrior since The Hunger Gamesí Katniss Everdeen.

Publishers Weekly (starred review)


Altman’s writing is clever, cunning, and crisp.

—Ed McBain, New York Times bestselling author


A fast-paced and suspenseful yarn.



High on adrenaline… Cassie’s unlikely journey is mesmerizing.



Very exciting and thoroughly recommended.


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