A young woman finds herself in hot water in this international thrill ride from the acclaimed author of A Gathering of Spies and A Game of Spies.

When Hannah Gray discovers that her lover and business partner has implicated her in a massive act of insurance fraud, she flees Chicago rather than going to the police. An Adriatic cruise will help to clear her head, she reasons, and give her time to plan her next move.

On the ship, Hannah meets Renee Epstein, an elderly woman whose husband is also a fugitive, on the run from a top-secret government agency that wants to use his scientific research for a purpose he never intended. Scribbled into the couple’s guidebook is the formula for a powerful new energy source with incredible destructive capabilities. Hannah borrows the book, and shortly thereafter, the Epsteins are murdered. Suddenly Hannah is the target of an assassin whose talents are as unique as they are deadly.

Pursued from the Greek islands to Istanbul to the South of France, Hannah hopes to stay alive long enough to turn her bad fortune around. Thousands of miles from everything and everyone she knows, she decides to reinvent herself—or die trying.



Abundant international color and great pace.

—Kirkus Reviews


An exciting and moving adventure set in the present but owing much to moral quandaries explored by past masters such as Eric Ambler and John le Carre.

—Publishers Weekly


Altman creates driven, morally conflicted characters.

—Daily News (New York)


An elegant, spare writer.

—Orlando Sentinel


With his lean, taut style, Altman doesn’t waste a word. Wow!

—Stephen Coonts, New York Times bestselling author

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