A beautiful Nazi spy and an enigmatic British double agent match wits in this gripping World War II thriller.

Gorgeous, cunning, and lethal, Katarina Heinrich is America’s worst nightmare. For years, the German spy has been deep undercover, posing as the happy wife of a Princeton scientist. Now she is rushing home with key intelligence pertaining to the atomic bomb. If she reaches her destination, the war will be lost.

To stop her, the Allies turn to Professor Harry Winterbotham, an MI5 agent whose brilliance is matched only by his inscrutability. As Winterbotham hatches his own secret plan—one with the potential to deliver the world’s greatest weapon into the hands of the Nazis—the two spies play a deadly game of cat and mouse across the United States and Europe.

From one breathtaking double cross to the next, A Gathering of Spies builds to a stunning climax among the best in espionage fiction. Lightning-paced, atmospheric, and irresistible, it is a classic story of World War II that thrills from first page to last.



A pulse-pounding debut thriller.


Reminiscent of early Ken Follett.

—The Cincinnati Enquirer


A ripping read, a book to devour in one sitting.

—Daily Telegraph


A sizzling zinger of a classic spy story, full of action, suspense, and wheels within wheels.

—Stephen Coonts, New York Times bestselling author


This atmospheric debut thriller smells deliciously of Hitchcock and 1940s British spy films... An irresistible page-turner.

—Publishers Weekly


Faster than lightning.

—Boston Herald


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