A deadly web of deceit ensnares two spies with a complicated personal history in this electrifying tale of World War II.

Eva Bernhardt was a naive twenty-year-old when the rakish spymaster William Hobbs seduced her into working for the British secret service. Now, a year later, she is a tough and cynical operative stationed in Berlin, her hatred of the Nazis matched only by her distrust of the man who abandoned her to the whims of MI6.

Tasked with discovering Hitler’s plans for invading France, Eva unearths what appears to be a vital piece of information. What she doesn’t realize is that the Germans know she is a spy and are using her to mislead the Allies. It is up to Hobbs to rescue Eva and prevent a military disaster. Standing in his way are her seething resentment and two of the Gestapo’s most sinister agents.

From one astonishing plot twist to the next, A Game of Spies is a riveting story of cloak-and-dagger intrigue in the tradition of Eric Ambler and John le Carré.



"A Game of Spies" ranks with the best espionage thrillers.

—Orlando Sentinel


Sharp and refreshingly literate, a superior thriller. This is an impressive achievement: a book full of stunning action set pieces that also manages to maintain a distinctly believable human presence.

—Chicago Tribune


Grade: A.

—Rocky Mountain News


A powerful historical spy tale that never slows down... a deadly game of trump. Fans of the genre will want to read this superb World War II novel that brings the era alive.

—Midwest Book Review


What thrillers ought to be and seldom are.

—Kirkus Reviews


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